17 Absolutely Creepy Costumes and Make up for Halloween

The best part about Halloween for me, is the dressing up. I absolutely love to get extra with my costumes and make up. The more terrifying, the better! Your costume and make up say quite a lot about your love for Halloween. I am such a big fan of Halloween, so I always want to make sure that my makeup and costume speak volume! If you absolutely love Halloween like me, then here are a few ideas to help you with your costume and make up this Halloween.

1. Scarecrow Look

Scarecrow Look

This make up is quite easy to put on. You do not need to be a pro at putting make up for this. It involves using colors such as white, black and orange. You can add more to the make up by sticking some buttons around your eyes. Make sure to use glue that can easily be removed for the buttons.

2. Scary Skeleton

Scary Skeleton

For this, you will only need black and white make up. Not much is needed to be done for this as well. You need to paint your whole face white, and then use the black for your eyes, nose and mouth. Its as simple as that really.

3. Simple Mask

Simple Mask

This would be the easiest costume for you to make. All you have to do is use a strip of black cloth and cut out two holes for your eyes. You can then simply tie the cloth around your eyes. Make sure that you do not tie it too tight.

4. Wind up Key

Wind up Key

If you want to complete your plastic doll look, you can add this wind up key. It is easy and cheap to make. You will need cardboard and tissue rolls. Stick them together and paint them over, then attach the key to the back of your outfit. Voila!

5. DIY Bat Person

DIY Bat Person

This is probably the easiest way to make a bat costume. You can use the material from an umbrella. Make sure that the material is black. You can then stick or sew the material to a black hoody. Then on the hood of the hoody, you can attach some black bat ears.

6. Angel Wings

Angel Wings

All you need to make these wings is connecting two hangers so that they make the outline of wings. Then stick some small pieces of cloth the hangers until the hangers cannot be seen and the wings are bigger.

7. Easy to do Make up

Easy to do Make up

This basically involves making your whole face red and adding some details with black and white for the nose, mouth and eyes. You can add flames onto your forehead by using some orange.

8. Cut Open Hand

Cut open Hand

If you prefer make up that will completely freak people out, then you should use this idea. This DIY really needs some work for it to look realistic and terrifying. You will need to use the right shades of the colors you will use. This will definitely impress those who will see your hand.

9. Hole in Body

Hole in the Body

This costume is absolutely amazing! It is very creative. It will take some time and effort to make this costume perfect, but, it will be worth it at the end of it all. It involves using a camera and an electrical screen. Connect the two so that the screen shows whatever the camera is recording.

10. Monster Mouth

Monster Mouth

This idea needs you to be very good with makeup. Stick fake teeth above your upper lips and just below your neck. Then use a lot of makeup to make it look like a monster’s mouth. The end result is a monster’s mouth that is open. Pure artsy and creative!

11. Villain Staff

Villain Staff

This idea is a simple addition to a simple costume that will look absolutely amazing for Halloween. It basically involves sticking some papier Mache branches to the top of a wooden staff, so that the branches can hold together a ball. Paint the staff and branches in black. On the middle of the branches, attach a circular lid and in the lid, stick a small glass ball. This will change the whole look of the staff. It will look like a magical staff the villains usually carry in fairytales. To complete the costume, put on a long black cloak with a hood.

12. Avatar face

Avatar face

If you have watched the avatar movie, then this makeup character is quite familiar to yu. To achive this look, you have to first paint some dots on your face using thick white paint. Then, you will paint the rest of your face blue, painting over the white dots lightly so that they will still be visible under the blue makeup. Then, complete this look with perfectly dyed red hair.

13. Gothic Look

Gothic look

If you want to go for the gothic look, you have to put some make up that will make you look quite pale. Then for your eyes, eyebrows and lips use absolutely black makeup. It is as simple as that.

14. Plastic Doll

Plastic doll

Nothing is as creepy as a human size plastic doll. This is such an awesome costume to go with this Halloween. Make sure to really make your joints look as though they have been attached just like it does on plastic dolls.

15. Clown


Recently, clowns have made more appearances than before. I am sure everyone finds them both creepy and terrifying. This is such as perfect look for you this Halloween. You will likely impress those who see you.

16. Whole body Skeleton

Whole body Skeleton

Skeletons are a classic for Halloween. There have been used for costumes and decoration for so long. So if you want to go with this look, you can easily put make up on your face that transforms you into an impressive skeleton. To complete the look, you can easily wear a skeleton body costume.

17. Stuffed Toy

Stuffed Toy

For some reason, toys are quite popular for Halloween costumes. You can easily turn yourself into a stuffed toy by putting on some amazing make up. This is definitely something you must try for this Halloween.