17 Wonderful DIY Ideas To Do With Old CDs


Do you have many compact discs in your home and in your car? Sure, of course, most of us do, especially if you remember that almost every kind of information was put on a CD. Music and software, and sometimes encyclopedias were the main reason to get Cds, because wow they were convenient at the time. Well, now most CD’s are obsolete or just simply inconvenient. You might want to donate them back to planet Earth, but wait! There is no need to throw or give them away! Didn’t you know that a development of decor is happening by reusing some old things you might have? Well, you can surely use just about all your unwanted CD’s to decorate lots of things, and to make nice artistic reflective objects of art around the home and even outdoors. Whether if you want to decorate something by using whole discs or shards of them, we got you covered with these shiny ideas. Well then, go ahead and checkout these 15 DIY easy-to-do projects!

Glue broken geometrical shapes of your discs to your bird bath.

Add pizzazz and shine to your old shoes or boots. Again, you can use bits of your CD’s.

Hang a whole disc from a mailbox or fence-post that is in front of your home, so it will be a safety reflector.

Ask a friend to let you borrow a “pick punch” stapler device, and then make some guitar picks.

Most CD’s will allow some light to pass through them and give off a nice shine at the same time. So, make a cool lamp.

Grab one or two discs and easilly scrape off the hard frozen ice from your car’s windshield.

Get hot-glue or super glue and some objects such as marbles to make a cool candle holder.

Decorate your refrigerator with CD’s of which each has a different color on their front-face.

Find a jewelry box any other box like that and glue pieces of CD’s to its exterior.

Make a “mosaic” of shiny reflectionary colors on a table by sticking many small pieces onto a table-top.

To make coasters, grab some colorful craft-paper or wall-paper, cut them in 5 inch circles and affix them onto CD’s.

Throw together 14 or 15 discs and a clockworks component in front to make this cool time piece on a wall.

Bring more shiny life to a flowerpot or planter by sticking pieces of CD’s to the pot. Fetch a picture or painting-frame and put together an artistic collage of various reflective colors.

If your mirror is bigger than you need, then cover up the perimeter of the mirror with shards of CD’s.

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