18 Amazing Backyard ideas to Liven up your Garden


Spring is finally here and it is too hot to always be cooped up inside, why not gather a few things and liven up your garden with these 18 Amazing Backyard ideas to Liven up your Garden. Add some things for the kids to play with or show your personality through the art and craft in your backyard. It will make it feel like your little escape closer to nature in your home.


This DIY idea is great to keep the kids busy outside while the adults chat on life things. Just spray paint a part of your wall with chalk board paint or bring in a huge board to be used by your kids.


This collection of wood is stunning, make a shaded area in your backyard and place a wooden table and chair.


Dismantle a pallet and use the board pieces to make this lovely wooden pathway


If you don’t want to dismantle the pallet, use it to house your new garden


Wood is a great element to work with especially outdoors. It blends in but someone times that can get boring so this time we paint over the wood in a vibrant white that stands out against the greenery. Make a bench and decorate it with colourful pillow cases.


Use an old door to create an outdoor bar set up


Have this sitting area in the corner of your verandah so your guests can get cozy outside but still comfortable and warm.


Stones are solid and have great shapes to make a somewhat even layered pathway.


Use a few logs of wood and gapped bricks to create this outdoor bench that looks stunning.


This one is a wooden fort for the kids to play in, sit during the day and take naps to.


This mini pond is beautiful because of it’s simplicity plus it will look great in your garden.


IF you like fires this Idea is perfect for you.


This stylish DIY lamp is safe and also adds amazing colour to your backyard.


Gather some wood and make a hammock for you and a friend to lay on on some lazy days


This swing offers more support to hold onto with its Thick twisted sturdy ropes. It looks secure even for adults who love to play.


If you love to brown this DIY project Is great for you.

17-life-sized-scrabble 18-cooler-box-garden-table

If you love words and are great at scrabble this will be a great party game in the backyard.



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