23 Fantastic Halloween Light DIYs

Here are some different types of Halloween lights that you can try for your decoration this Halloween. The lights are absolutely incredible and will definitely put you in the Halloween mood. These are quite simple to do and just as well, creative. They are the perfect lights for you to achieve the complete Halloween look for you house decorations this Halloween. These ideas are also fun and will definitely bring out that creative and artsy side of you.

1.Black Candles

Black Candles

To make these candles, you will need to melt the candle wax. When it is all melted, pour in some black coloring. Make sure that the wax and the black coloring completely mix. Then, you can place some toilet tissue rolls on thick piece of paper vertically. Then, pour the now black colored wax into the rolls. Add the thread inside the wax, and leave to dry. After the wax has dried, you can now remove the roll, and the candles would be ready for use.

2. Papier Mache Pumpkins

Papier Mache Pumpkins

These pumpkin candle holders are made from papier Mache. Blow some balloons into the size you want the pumpkins to be. Then, you coat the balloons with a mixture of orange paper and glue. When the papier Mache has dried, you can pop the balloons and the pumpkins will be ready to be used. You can decorate the pumpkins before placing the lights in them.

3. Latex Glove Lights

Latex Glove Lights

Take some latex gloves, and then use a permanent marker to draw on the gloves. Draw some bones so that the glove looks like a skeleton hand. Then, simply place the glove on top of some lights. Or, staff the gloves with lights that look like Christmas lights. When the lights are turned on, the skeleton effect will be illuminated.

4. Pumpkin Baskets Lights

Pumpkin Baskets Lights

For this, you will need to hang these plastic baskets anywhere suitable. Then, simply place some lights inside and light them up. When the lights get turned on, the baskets will become lit and the drawings on them will be easily visible.

5. Shadow Lights

Shadow Lights

For this, you can cut out some Halloween shapes and figures such as witches, cats and pumpkins. These can be cut out from cardboards. Then, you will align some Christmas lights along the borders of the cut outs. When the lights are turned on, the cut outs will look like shadows.

6. DIY Eyeball Lights

DIY Eyeball Lights

You can make these eyeballs by using small plastic balls. Make sure that the balls are white. Draw and color on the balls so that they look like eye balls. Then, make holes in these eyes and place Christmas lights in them. Hang the Christmas lights, and this will make the eyeballs look like they are dangling.

7. Glow in the Dark Ghosts

Glow in the dark Ghosts

To make these ghosts, you will need to use a glass circular jar or a clear plastic circular jar. Stick some black buttons for the eyes onto the jars. Then in the jars, place one glow in the dark sticks. Then to finish the ghost, place a light cloth on top of the jar. When place in the dark, the whole ghost will be illuminated.

8. Dollar Lights

Dollar Lights

These pumpkins can be bought in shops for a dollar and bellow. You can simply cut the pumpkins so that you can easily place them around your light bulbs.

9. Ghost Jars

Ghost Jars

For this, you will need some glass jars. From some tape, cut out some ghost eyes and other facial features. Then, stick these inside the glass jars. Then, you lightly spray inside the jars with some white paint. After the spray paint dries off, you can peel off the tape. The shapes of the facial feature will be the only unpainted parts of the jars. You can then place some lights in the jars.

10. DIY Halloween Painted Luminaries

 DIY Halloween Painted Luminaries

For this, you can stick some black tape shaped as facial features inside glass jars. Then, you want to paint the inside if the jars with different colors. You can then place some lights into the jars. When the lights are turned on, the different colors of the jars will illuminate the lights.

11. Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries

Halloween Mason Jar Luminarias

For this, you can use some tape to make letters and place the letters into different jars. The letters are to make words. Then, you lightly spray paint the insides of the jars with some white paint. After the paint has dried, you can remove the tape. When you put some lights into the jars, the lettering will become so much more visible.

12. Hand Candle

Hand Candle

For this, you will have to melt some candle wax. Then, in a latex glove, place some thread that will enable the candle to burn. Then, you can pour the wax into the glove and leave it into dry. When it is completely dry, you can remove the glove. Then, voila!

13. Plastic Bottle

Plastic Bottles

These lights will need ordinary plastic bottles. Draw on the bottles some goofy eyes and mouths with black permanent markers. You can then place the lights into the bottles. It is as simple as that.

14. Glowing Eyes

Glowing Eyes

These are very simple to make. You will need tissue rolls, tape and glow in the dark sticks. Then, cut out some eyes into the rolls, then stick the sticks inside the rolls. You can the place the rolls randomly in trees and bushes so that only the eyes show. This will definitely freak people out.

15. Cup Light Shades

Cup Light Shades

These light shades are made out from plastic cups. Paint the cups into different Halloween characters such as pumpkins, Frankenstein and ghosts. You can simply place these cups over small lights.

16. Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights

This DIY involves carving pumpkin to look like fairies. Carve out a fairy, like Tinkerbelle, and little holes in the pumpkins to look like fairy dust floating after the fairy. Use orange lights because this will make the fairy and fairy dust stand out even more.

17. DIY Glow in the Dark Day of the Dead Lanterns

DIY Glow in the Dark Day of the Dead Lanterns

For these lanterns, you can use glow in the dark markers. Draw on some scary faces and masks on the glass jars. Then, use glow sticks the same color as the markers you used. Place the sticks inside the jars and place the jars out in the dark.

18. Hanging Candles

Hanging Candles

To make these candles, you will need some tissue rolls, some paint, wax, glow sticks and thread. First, paint the rolls white completely. Then, you drop some wax onto the rolls. When the wax dries, the rolls have to look like candles. You can then stick some yellow glow sticks inside the rolls. Then attach some thread to the rolls then hang the candles from the ceiling.

19. Floating Witch's Hat Luminaries

Floating Witch’s Hat Luminaries

For this, you can use already made, store bought witch’s hats, or you can choose to make them yourself. You can then place some lights by sticking them into the hats. Then, hang the hats on the ceiling.

20. Black and White Pumpkins

Black and White Pumpkins

You can simply spray paint the outsides of the pumpkins. Then carve the pumpkin to give them some eyes and scary mouths. You can then place some lights into the pumpkins. It is really that simple.

21. Chill Ghost

Chill Ghost

These lights are best placed on branches because they are a lot on one place. All you need to do to make these lights is to paint or draw using permanent markers some eyes and mouths on small white balls. Then, inside the balls, place some lights. Then, cover the balls with some white cloths to make the ghosts. Place these lights on tree branches and switch them on.

22. Milk Jar Lights

Milk Jar Lights

This is a great way to re-use your old milk jars. You simply have to draw using some permanent markers, some scary looking eyes and mouths on the jars. Then, place the lights inside the bottles and place them outside so that everyone can see them.

23. Witch’s Cat Lights

Witch’s Cat Lights

Black cats are automatically associated with witches. So these are perfect for Halloween. To make these, all you have to do is cut out cat head shapes from black Manila paper, and then poke two holes in each head for the eyes. In these eye holes, place some red or orange lights. You can simply hang these on any wall.