Fourteen Cool DIY Ideas For Decorating Your Kitchen

Hello again. Welcome back. We invite you check out our series of tips to easily decorate and add colorful pizzazz to your kitchen area on the cheap. In this nice short list of 14 ideas, we can show how to create a wonderful décor and at the same time you can practice the three popular “ R’s “ – reduce, reuse and recycle. We even got three more “ R’s “ – revive, reinvest and renovate – to help you make yourself satisfied and make others happy with how you refinished your kitchen. It isn’t difficult to put together these handy ideas. For example, without much hassle you can take a few small parts of one mechanism such as a handle of an outdoor water faucet or spigot, repaint them and affix them to a cabinet or drawer indoors. Even just using scissors, paper and glue will be enough to create a few bodacious baubles.

Metal Medallions: Add a vivacious vintage look to chairs with repurposed old handles of water or gas valves. Be sure to not let anything leak! Hehe.

Nifty Napkins: Grab some linen or other sturdy fabric, costume jewelry and old keys to make cute washable reusable table napkins.

Forked Markers: Grab seldom used or 2nd hand stainless-utensils, flatten them (even more), and imprint labels onto them with the names of cheeses or other foods.

Open Shelves: Simply remove the doors of some or all of your cupboards in the kitchen to liberate them as free open shelves.

Wonderful Words: Create a welcoming or motivational word sign on a wall with large wooden letters, glue and wine-corks.

Corky Characters: Just like the previous idea, you can make even more bold and fashionable letters with wooden or maybe even plastic large letters, your favorite glue and of course many corks.

Cozy Cabinet: A piece of furniture which can be used for storage is a great and useful addition to any kitchen. Just find an old free-standing pie rack or dish cabinet and refinish it.

Delightful Doorknobs: Remember the first tip? Of course! So, you can do that again and more by using old-fashioned back-plates of doorknobs of old doors.

Splendid Spray-Paint: Revitalize any trinket or figurine by simply spraying a primer and then a finishing coat of color.

Cool Cartographic Coasters: Just fetch a few common cup coasters from a dollar shop and cover them with colorful cutouts of maps.

Cool Cartographic Coasters: Just fetch a few common cup coasters from a dollar shop and cover them with colorful cutouts of maps.

Nice Numerical Chairs: Revive and reuse some flea-market upright chairs with coats of solid B/W paint and B/W upholstery fabric.

Bodacious Box Lampshade: Fetch lightweight metallic or wooden square lampshade and augment it with wooden appliques of contrasting color or shades.

Perfect Candy Plates: Peruse a 2nd hand market for pretty curvy plates, put a new coat of paint on them, stack them on top of each other by using goblets (wine glasses). Viola manufique !

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