Garden DIY Ideas Using Rocks

Garden DIY Ideas Using Rocks 1

Garden DIY Ideas Using Rocks 1

Garden DIY Ideas Using Rocks

Projects with rocks are so diverse that they always bring a great natural beautiful element to where ever they are. You can bring this natural look down to your backyard simply using a collection of different rocks you can bring about a beautiful and natural aura to your garden, and guess what? These projects cost you virtually nothing at all! Below we have compiled a few ides which we think would be a beautiful addition to any garden, enjoy.

This great ideas has you creating a wall fence and using posts to support it is amazing to make any pattern you might want to. Please make sure to use string materials that can support the weight of the stones you put in.


Another fencing idea is to make this wire tower. Please be advised to always use strong wiring material in this so as it is able to support the weight of the rocks.


This is also a beautiful project when making a tower that doesn’t need support, always a beautiful illusion that a little epoxy will solve.


This pebble mosaic can be used to create walkways or simply decorate your patio. A very beautiful or creative DIY technique.


Similarly, this is a closer look of how the beautiful pebble mosaic comes into play, very simple and easy to complete to any pattern of your choice.


This wire stone craft is made to hold rocks in it and can be hung anywhere outside. The heart is one idea of the many possibilities you can use this for, turn it into anything you wish it to be.


These rebar and repurposed iron bars are turned into stands or supports for the stones to make a nice decorative structure for ones garden.


People hardly know that stones make for great drainage down sprout areas. Like the image above, use some of these stones for the path and you have a functional and beautiful space.


This needs a few power tools to bore holes into the rocks and align them to stack them up using a strong rod(could be iron or wood) and have this beautiful standing tower.


This amazing front porch has simple wires mashed up together to make the same stand we spoke of earlier and you can put assorted rocks and stones in it. A great place for your birdhouse too.


Who said vegetable gardens had to be boring? Here is an example of a beautiful spiral vegetable garden and its simply made with stones. Other patterns can be made according to each one’s taste.


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