11 Cool DIY Ideas For Your Kitchen

It doesn’t get better than a kitchen island you can move around for your convenience! You get to place the island where you want it every time you need it moved. Simple as that! and This hood can be a cover for your cabinet, in your kitchen. Instead of a plain door, you can nail a wooden board to the door, and then on the board you can nail some decorations on it. You can decorate it with dried flowers, or make an interesting artwork for it!

1. DIY Rolling Kitchen Island

2. DIY Vent Hood

3. DIY Menu board

DIY Menu Board

This is an interesting idea. You can nail up a little board, just to show what’s for dinner tonight. This is a fun idea and classy idea.

4. DIY Shelves

DIY Shelves

You can have a number of shelves on one of your walls. On these shelves, you can place things such as plants, or other kitchen ornaments. The bottom shelf can be wider and bigger than the other, so that it can serve as a table.

5. DIY Countertop Makeover

DIY Countertop Makeover

This is cheap and easy to do. You can paint your granite into the color of your choice. No need to pay someone else to do a job you can do by yourself!

6. DIY Kitchen Island Cart

DIY Kitchen Island Cart

This DIY is an incredible idea! An Island cart in your kitchen is quite helpful. On the cart, you can place the utensils you know you need almost every time, or that you feel you need to be closer to a certain part of your kitchen. This idea provides convenience.

7. DIY Kitchen Island

DIY Kitchen Island

This island is a whole new level is amazing! It not only provides you with a larger working space, but it allows you to be closer to the garbage bin. Imagine when you are cutting up your veggies, this island comes in handy because you can easily throw away the litter!

8. DIY Kitchen Island Transformation

DIY Kitchen Island Transformation

Instead of spending money on buying a whole new counter, why not transform the unwanted into a whole new piece! You can choose the new size and shape for the counter and transform the one you already have. You also get to paint it into the color you want!

9. DIY Kitchen Counter

DIY Kitchen Counter

You get to put shelves on your counter with this DIY. You might feel the need for more open storage area on your counter. You can choose where you want the shelf, how big the shelf is and the shape of the shelf!

10. DIY Kitchen Island From Dresser

DIY Kitchen Island From Dresser

Instead of throwing out that old and unwanted dresser, why not turn it into a creative and new kitchen island counter. You get to remodel the dresser into any shape you want to be counter to be. Then give it a nice new coat of painting and Voila!

11. DIY Vintage Kitchen Counter

DIY Vintage Kitchen Counter

This counter has some metal in. this creates a vintage look. It is a classy island counter!