15 Excellent Steps towards an Organized Shed

Many would agree with me when I say sheds are some of the most difficult areas to keep well organized and tidy. With the multiple garden tools and other equipment, keeping order in a shed becomes quite difficult. Because we truly care, we have for you some incredible DIYs that you can use so to keep your shed looking spick and span. With these DIYs, you will be able to keep your shed beautifully organized no matter what you keep in it. Take a look at these DIYs and change the whole look of your shed.

1. Nail Hooks

Nail Hooks

A great way to organize your shed is by hanging some of the utensils. Use nails as the hooks on which you will hang your tools. Hanging your tools can not only help create floor space, but it will make it easier for you to find the tools at any time you want to use them.

2. Garden Shed

Garden Shed

As we all know, there are many types of sheds. This DIY involves building a different shed just for your gardening supplies and tools. By this way that it will be easier to organize your devices based on their use in their various sheds. The new shed does not need to be massive; instead, the size of the shed can be according to how many tools and supplies you have.

3. Woode Crate

Wooden Crate

One of the many uses of wooden crates is storage. You can use wooden crates anywhere, and this includes in the shed as well. Let’s store in these crates some supplies such as the clothes you were when you are using the tools or anything else. There is no wrong way of using wooden crates for organizing and storage.

4. Metal Bucket Shelves

Metal Bucket Shelves

This DIY is a great way to organize and keep your small sized tools and objects in the shed. On the metal buckets, you can put some labels so to know what objects exactly are in all the buckets. Do it yourself ideas will also help with keeping order in the shed and not mixing up the small objects. The metal buckets can then keep on some simple shelves.

5. Pocket Shelves

Pocket Shelves

Pocket shelves are a unique and creative way of organizing your shed. You can use pocket shelves to organize your tools, no matter what kind of shed it is. This idea also helps to keep similar tools and object either in the same pocket or the same row, not only keeps things organized and easy to find, but it also helps with creating more floor space in the shed.

6. Equipment on Wall

Equipment on Wall

Sheds are usually small for storage is limited. To get over this problem, you can use this idea. It involves using up space on the wall to keep your tools. This idea has quite some advantages; for example, you will be able to pick out the tool you want easily and, this is a great way to arrange your shed just as well. This idea best works if you have a lot of equipment in your shed.

7. Hanging Spots

Hanging Spots

For the larger equipment in your shed, these hanging spots are perfect. There is a need to make sure that the hanging spots are firmly installing and attached to the wall. This way, the equipment you hang will be secure. These spots could make out of different material such as wood and metal, based on the rest of the theme in your shed. Hanging spots will give your shed

8. Recycled Containers

Recycled Containers

Recycling is such a big part of our lives. It is important for us to re-use and recycle every possible object we can. This DIY will allow you to get your shed looking tidy and organized while you help save the planet through recycling. With this DIY, you can use some old jars or containers to store and organize your smaller tools and utensils in the shed. Choose to use see-through jars or containers or put some labels on them so to know what their contents are. The jars can be attached to the bottom of the shelves. It will help to a creative way to save up space.

9. Tools on a Trolley

Tools on a Trolley

The new perfect DIY for you to use to organize the tools that you often use in your shed. For this to be even more effective, you can keep on this trolley the most frequently used tools of the same category, for example, frequently used garden tools on one trolley, and frequently used garage tools on another. This way, when you want to use the tools, all you have to do is to push the trolley to the work location and have your tools ready and in order

10. Pipes as Holders

Pipes as Holders

After working with some pipes, there might be some pieces left over, and instead of throwing the pieces away, you can use them as tool holders. The basic idea for this DIY is to attach some pieces of pipe to the wall of your shed, and in these pieces, it will make place your longer and standing tools such as rakes and shovels. The pipes will hold the tools stably no that they do not slip and fall. Pipes are quite a neat way of arranging some of your tools in the shed.

11. Wooden Pallet Rack

Wooden Pallet Rack

You would be surprised by the many uses of wooden pallets. This DIY shows you one of these uses. You can attach some hooks or some nails to the wooden pallet and then you can use these to hang some of your tools and equipment in the shade so to have an organized workspace in the shed. Choose to use several wooden pallets and on each, have different groups of tools. It could be a simple and affordable way to keep order in your shed.

12. Open Style Drawers

Open Style Drawers

These drawers that you can use for organizing your shed are not your ordinary drawers. They have a little open space on the top. This open space will allow you to see what exactly the contents of the drawers are, and this means you do not have to open up all the drawers looking for a particular tool or equipment. The great part about this DIY is that you can use it in other rooms in your home just as well.

13. Upside Down Cabinet

Upside Down Cabinet

If you are looking for a way to re-use an old piece of furniture such as a cabinet, this is a great way to do so. With the upside down cabinet, you will able to keep your tools in the open part of the cabinet. For the taller, standing tools, you can remove the doors of the cabinets so to allow the tools to stand. This idea is one of the simplest ways to bring order in your busy and messy shed.

14. Mini Shed


A great way to ensure that your tools are easy to locate and in order is, by using small sheds. Because the shed is small, you are forced to store in it fewer but the most necessary tools automatically. Minished will ensure that the shed looks tidy at all times.

15. Basket Shelves

Basket Shelves

Basket shelves are excellent and creative ways of storing some of your tools and equipment in your shed. It involves attaching baskets to the walls of your shed and then storing some of your utensils in them. The bigger the baskets you use, the more or bigger the tools you get to keep in them.