Stylish and Modern Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

It is important to keep the theme in your home looking just about the same. This means that the kitchen does not get left out when it comes to remodeling and renovations. Best believe that the kitchen also needs to look as stylish and as modern as the rest of the rooms in your home or building. Take a look at these incredible ideas on how you can make the simplest changes in your kitchen and end up with an incredibly stylish and modern room. With these ideas, you will be able to decorate your kitchen walls accordingly.

1. Rack and Hook Holder

Rack and Hook Holder 

This DIY idea serves two purposes. Not only does it help you decorate your kitchen wall, but it also provides an extra storage unit for your utensils and at times appliances as well. The simple style in which the hooks are aligned in the rack can easily create an amazing pattern for your wall. You can then hang things such as cups on the rack. This is definitely its own version of killing two birds with one stone!

2. Big Lettering

Big Lettering

One can never go wrong when it comes to wall decorations if they use some big lettering to make up some fun words. In this case, you can use the big lettering to make out some fun words that are associated with the kitchen such as, eat, cook, food, etc. This is quite a creative way to utilize large blank spaces on your kitchen walls.

3. Utensils on Wall

Utensils on Wall

This DIY is a unique and absolutely amazing idea! It involves securely sticking to your kitchen wall some large kitchen utensils. You can simply use objects such as large spatulas, spoons, forks or even a plate or two. You obviously need to make sure that you only stick to the wall the utensils and objects that you will not need to use in your kitchen. To make this kitchen wall décor even more mesmerizing, you can stick around the utensils some other things such as common kitchen phrases and words.

4. Rustic Theme on Kitchen Wall

Rustic Theme on Kitchen Wall

In your kitchen, you can use the simplest of decorations and colors and still achieve the incredibly stylish and modern look. You can do this by simply using the rustic theme. You can place some pale colored wooden decorations and some pale colored baskets on your wall to achieve this look. The amazing part about this DIY is that the rustic theme never goes out of style. This means that once you go rustic, there is no reason for you to change the décor of your kitchen walls.

5. Blackboard Kitchen Wall

Blackboard Kitchen Wall

If you want to make your kitchen wall the ultimate creative wall ever, you definitely have to try this idea out. It basically involves sticking or nailing a blackboard onto your kitchen wall. You can choose to cover the whole wall with the board, or, simply cover just a portion of the wall. On this blackboard, you can definitely draw on and write on different things all the time. This means that the patterns on your wall get to change constantly.

6. Wooden Pallet Hooks

Wooden Pallet Hooks

There is so much you can do with some wooden pallet. One of these is to use the wooden pallet as a hook rack for some of your kitchen utensils such as pots and cups. You can choose to recycle some old furniture and make this wooden pallet. Using new wood for the pallet is just as effective. This DIY is quite simple and affordable to make. Because simplicity always brings better outcomes, this idea is absolutely worth a shot. Both the wooden pallet and the objects that you will hang on it will serve as wonderful decorations for your kitchen wall.

7. Framed Utensils

Framed Utensils

You can turn some simple looking things into beautiful decorations for your kitchen wall. A great example of this is framing some wooden utensils and hanging them on your kitchen walls. To add more detail to the utensils and frames to make them more outstanding, you can simply paint over them. Usually using mellow colors will definitely do the trick. Remember that the color of the wall will definitely greatly influence the color that the framed decorations should be.

8. Indoor Mini Garden

Indoor Mini Garden

Not only is this DIY an incredible way to decorate your walls, it is also an excellent way of bringing nature indoors. The main key or point of this DIY is not to use scented plants. This is because you don’t want the scents of the plant mixing together with the scents of the cooking food. Some plants that you can use for the indoor garden that are not scented as those such as the cactus. It is quite easy to take care of this plant. The color of your kitchen wall should be able to allow the color of the plant to stand out and increase volume to the room.

9. Cutting Board Wall

Cutting Board Wall

If you are looking for an easy to do and simple DIY for your kitchen wall, then you must definitely take a good look at this idea. It basically involves hanging your many cutting boards on one wall. This DIY will work best if you use cutting boards that have similar colors and wooden cutting boards will even be better for the wall decoration idea. It does not matter, however, if your cutting boards are of different sizes and shapes. Their differences can contribute to the beautiful masterpiece on your kitchen wall.

10. Wooden Art Work

Wooden Art Work

Another completely easy way to decorate your kitchen wall is by sticking, nailing or hooking to the wall some beautiful and simple art works. The art works do not have to be your ordinary pieces. You can bring in wooden art works from other cultures as well. Make sure that the art work will have a kitchen theme, look and feel. You can use wooden bowls with some interesting and creative patterns on them just as well.

11. Clocks on the Wall

Clocks on the Wall

Just about every time, everyone needs to look up and see what time it is no matter where they are. This definitely includes needing to know the time when you are in the kitchen. With this DIY, you can use both ordinary clocks and you can also bring some vintage into it. This is such a creative and simple way to decorate the kitchen wall. You can also use this idea for the walls in your dining room.

12. Khaki Paper Roll

Khaki Paper Roll

If you need a place to be writing some important notes on and reminders in your kitchen, then this is a DIY you can give a try. It is simple and also contributes to the decorations on your kitchen wall. It involves using a roll of khaki paper and placing it on the wall. Make sure that rolling it out and tearing pieces off the roll will be easy. The reason for using Khaki paper is because the color helps bring out a certain rustic feel and look.

13. Recipe Corner

Recipe Corner

This is such an amazing way to lay out the recipes that you usually use when you cook in your kitchen. It is also an excellent way to decorate the wall in the kitchen. You can write or paint the recipes down onto some wooden boards. You can then hang the boards on your kitchen wall in a particular corner where they are easy for you to access.

14. Blending Pictures in Frames

Blending Pictures in Frames

When it comes to making a room look modern and stylish, color plays such a major role. A unique way to play around with colors for your kitchen wall décor is using pictures in frames that have the same or similar color to the color of the wall. You can simply add colors that are a bit lighter and brighter than the color of the wall. This will make the wall décor look interesting and give a hint of modern-day creativity.

15. Inspiration Quotes in Frames

 Inspiration Quotes in Frames

Everybody wants to get inspired every once in a while. A great way to ensure that this happens in your home is by placing some kitchen related quotes all over your kitchen walls as part of the decorations. You can never go wrong with using kitchen related inspiration words and phrases as part of your decoration.